[PDF] Child Drawing Book PDF (Alphabet, Animal, Write)

“Drawing for Kids” is a downloadable children’s drawing book in PDF format, offering artistic and educational coloring sheets, along with a story of pranks and a focus on skill development aligned with early childhood education.

Child Drawing Book PDF in English

Child Drawing Book PDF
Child Drawing Book PDF
PDF TitleChild Drawing Book PDF
File Size2.74 MB


About PDF

  • “Drawing for Kids” is a children’s drawing book available in PDF format, offering artistic and educational coloring sheets for toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  • The story follows Sahil and Samira’s pranks until Samira finds her shoe stuck to the wall, leading to a quest for revenge.
  • The book serves as a prototype activity book for children aged three to four, improving fine motor, creative, and cognitive skills.
  • It aligns with the state’s early childhood education curriculum, introducing contextually relevant graphics and reinforcing spiral and graded learning.
  • The activity book is meant to supplement classroom learning, adapting tasks to individual needs and reinforcing topics.

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This PDF is free to download from public sources and can legally be used for education. We follow copyright laws and only share books that are free to use for school, teaching, and self-study. If you have concerns about the book's source or use, please contact us at [email protected].

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