[PDF] Hinave by Noor PDF by Noor Rajpoot in URDU

This is a story of hate, societal struggles, forbidden love, and the destructive impact of politics.

Hinave by Noor PDF in URDU

Hinave by Noor PDF
Hinave by Noor PDF
PDF TitleHinave by Noor PDF
AuthorNoor Rajpoot
File Size12.45 MB


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  • The story revolves around hate and centers on two political families.
  • In the society depicted, women have to struggle for their rights and are never forgiven for their mistakes.
  • The destructive impact of politics is highlighted as it ruins the lives of many people.
  • Hinave Rana and Aman Malik are the central characters whose love is challenged by caste barriers.
  • The narrative explores the journey of a carefree girl who becomes angry and resentful.
  • The writer skillfully develops each character, resulting in a beautiful and memorable ending.
  • The story leaves a lasting impact on the readers, residing in their hearts for a long time.

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