[PDF] Point Character Drawing Taco PDF

Draw a circle for the head, two dots for eyes, a curved line for a smile, a triangle for the shell, and straight lines for arms and legs to create a taco character.

Point Character Drawing Taco PDF in English

Point Character Drawing Taco PDF
Point Character Drawing Taco PDF
PDF TitlePoint Character Drawing Taco
LanguageEnglish & Chinese
File Size13.4 MB

About PDF

  • Tacos can be drawn like a person with a pointy shell on their head.
  • Start by drawing a circle for the taco’s head and two dots for the eyes.
  • Give the taco a happy face by adding a curved line for the smiling mouth.
  • Draw a triangle shape with pointy corners to make the taco’s shell.
  • Complete the drawing by adding arms and legs with straight lines to make the taco look like a character.

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