[PDF] Olive Garden Catering Menu PDF in English

Olive Garden’s catering menu offers a variety of Italian appetizers, salads, classic pasta entrees, and desserts platters to serve groups both large and small.

Olive Garden Catering Menu PDF in English

Olive Garden Catering Menu PDF
Olive Garden Catering Menu PDF
PDF TitleOlive Garden Catering Menu PDF
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  • Olive Garden offers catering for events both large and small. You can order platters, family-style dishes, and buffets.
  • There are many Italian appetizer options like bruschetta, fried calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and antipasto platters.
  • For salads, Olive Garden has house salads, Caesar salads, and specialty salads like Caprese and Italian peasant salad.
  • Main entree catering options include classic Italian pasta dishes like lasagna, chicken parmigiana, seafood alfredo, and stuffed shells.
  • Olive Garden’s catering also offers dessert platters with mini cannolis, tiramisu, and rich chocolate brownies for something sweet after the meal.

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