[PDF] Care Supreme Brochure PDF in English

Care Supreme provides hospitalization cover from Rs 3 lakhs to 1 crore, covering room rent, ICU charges, and pre and post-hospital expenses for 60 days. It has no co-payment clause and offers a 5% cumulative bonus for every claim-free year.

Care Supreme Brochure PDF in English

Care Supreme Brochure PDF
Care Supreme Brochure PDF
PDF TitleCare Supreme Brochure PDF
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  • Provides health insurance coverage ranging from Rs 3 lakhs up to Rs 1 crore to meet hospitalization expenses.
  • Covers in-patient hospital charges including room rent, nursing, ICU charges, surgeon’s fees, etc.
  • Has no co-payment clause which requires the insured to bear a percentage of the claim amount.
  • Covers pre-hospitalization expenses 60 days prior and post-hospitalization for 60 days after discharge.
  • Offers a cumulative bonus of 5% of the sum insured for every claim-free year, to maximize the coverage amount.

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