Title: How to Play Shut the Box: Game Rules and Instructions (PDF Available)

Shut the Box is a dice game where players flip numbered tiles totaling their roll. Flip all tiles to “shut the box” and end your turn, tiles left up are points against you. The lowest total score wins.

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  • Shut the Box is played with a box that has numbered tiles.
  • Players take turns rolling dice and trying to flip down tiles equal to the dice total.
  • If a player flips all the tiles down, they “shut the box” and their turn ends.
  • Any tiles left up add to the player’s score for that round.
  • The player with the lowest total score after everyone has had a turn wins.

Short Summary of How to Play:

  1. Setup – The game is played with a box containing numbered tiles from 1 to 12. All the tiles start in the upright position.
  2. Rolling Dice – On a player’s turn, they roll two six-sided dice. Let’s say they roll a 5 and a 3, so the total is 8.
  3. Flipping Tiles – The player now flips down tiles totaling the number they rolled. For the 8, they could flip down the 8 tile, the 5 and 3 tiles (matching the dice), or the 6 and 2 tiles (adding to 8), etc.
  4. Shutting the Box – If a player flips all the tiles on their turn, they have “shut the box” and their turn ends. No score is added.
  5. Scoring – Any tiles left unturned are added up as the player’s score for that round. So if tiles 4, 7, and 9 remain, the player’s score for that turn is 20.
  6. Next Turn – Play passes to the next player, who rolls the dice and tries to flip their tiles.
  7. Winning – Once all players have taken multiple turns, the player with the lowest TOTAL score wins the game. So careful tile choices each round are important!

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