Good Country People – More Than Meets the Eye (PDF Available)

Good Country People is about a woman with a wooden leg who is tricked by a Bible salesman she thought was innocent. It explores themes of morality and deception.

PDF TitleGood Country People
AuthorFlannery O’Connor
File Size123 KB

About PDF

  • The story is about a woman named Joy who wears a wooden leg. She lives on a farm with her mom and a worker.
  • A Bible salesman named Manley comes to the farm. Joy talks to him and thinks he is innocent.
  • Joy and Manley spend time together. Manley is not as innocent as Joy thought.
  • Joy lets Manley kiss her and remove her wooden leg. This shows she trusts him.
  • Manley steals Joy’s wooden leg, showing he tricked her. The story makes you think about goodness.

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