[PDF] Rogue – Featherblade PDF Xayah from League of Legends

This roguish subclass channels ancestral feywild warrior spirits, granting feathered plumage used to manifest deadly blades. With grace and speed, these rogues can briefly take flight, empower checks, and unleash powerful feather attacks. Connecting to their wild side, their sharp plumes and wits evoke their warrior forebears.

Rogue – Featherblade PDF in English

Rogue - Featherblade PDF
Rogue – Featherblade PDF
PDF TitleRogue – Featherblade A Subclass Inspired by Xayah from League of Legends
File Size1 MB
SourceLeague of Legends

About PDF

  • This subclass is inspired by the character Xayah from the game League of Legends. She has feather blades that she can throw.
  • At 3rd level, you get magical feather plumage that you can manifest as weapons, armor, or just feathers on your body.
  • You can turn your feather plumage into deadly blades to attack with in melee or by throwing them. The blades get more powerful as you level up.
  • You gain abilities like being able to fly briefly, empower your strength checks, and unleash powerful area attacks by expanding the uses of your feather plumage.
  • The subclass focuses on grace, quick movements, and sharp feather blades to evoke the ancestral power of warrior spirits from the feywild. It’s for rogues who want to connect with their wild side.

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