Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly: Overcoming Resistance for a Meaningful Life (PDF Available)

Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly emphasizes the importance of overcoming resistance to living a meaningful life. By identifying and defeating resistance, we can accomplish more, find happiness, and live a fulfilled life.

PDF TitleResisting Happiness
AuthorMatthew Kelly
File Size740 kb

About PDF

  • Overcoming resistance like laziness and fear helps you be more productive and spiritual. Prayer and thinking about death can help.
  • Imagining your death and understanding everyone’s struggles makes you know what truly matters. This leads to happiness.
  • Reading great books reminds you money doesn’t bring happiness. Doing good work does.
  • Being alone and listening well to others helps you know yourself and connect. This fights loneliness.
  • Having good friends and waiting for rewards helps you improve. Ignore criticism and help others. Stay focused.

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