[PDF] Itic Strul Dezertor PDF by Marin Preda in Romanian

ITIC, STRUL, DEZERTOR: TREI NUVELE” is a collection of three short stories by Marin Preda that explore themes of social issues, moral dilemmas, identity, and individual struggle.

Itic Strul Dezertor PDF in Romanian

Itic Strul Dezertor PDF
Itic Strul Dezertor PDF
PDF TitleItic Strul Dezertor PDF
AuthorMarin Preda
File Size5.29 MB


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  • Itic” is a short story about a poor and uneducated boy who desires to have a better life. The story explores his journey out of poverty and his struggles to achieve his dreams.
  • Strul” is a story about a young woman named Marga, who is married to a wealthy man. The story explores her moral dilemma when she is faced with a situation that threatens to expose her husband’s unethical business practices.
  • Dezertor” is a story about a Romanian pilot who defects to the United States during World War II. The story explores his decision to leave his homeland, his struggle to adapt to a new country, and his feelings of guilt and regret.

The three stories address themes of social class, moral dilemma, identity, and the struggles and desires of the individual in the face of societal pressure and change.

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