[PDF] Arzoo E Khas PDF Novel by Aleesha Ansari in URDU

Arzoo E Khas is a book about a woman who overcomes challenges to achieve her dreams. It is set in Pakistan and explores the impact of societal norms and personal barriers on women’s lives.

Arzoo E Khas PDF in English

Arzoo E Khas PDF
Arzoo E Khas PDF
PDF TitleArzoo E Khas PDF
AuthorAleesha Ansari
File Size2 MB


About PDF

  • The story follows a young woman named Arzoo who faces various challenges and struggles in her life.
  • The novel explores her journey towards achieving her goals, while examining the complexities of love, family, and society in Pakistan.
  • The book talks about how social norms and standards affect a person’s life and how they can help them grow as a person.
  • Arzoo encounters various individuals who impact her life, including her family, friends, and love interests.
  • The novel portrays the struggles and triumphs of a young woman in pursuit of her dreams, showcasing how societal norms and personal barriers can affect a person’s life.

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