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“Klara and the Sun” is a dystopian novel set in the near future in the United States. It follows Klara, an Artificial Friend (AF), a companion robot for children. Klara’s journey involves her interactions with a sick girl, Josie, and her family, as well as her belief in the Sun’s power to heal.

PDF TitleKlara and the Sun
AuthorKazuo Ishiguro
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  • Dystopian Setting: The novel is set in a dystopian future where some children are genetically engineered for enhanced academic ability, and opportunities for socialization are limited
  • Artificial Friends: Klara is an AF, a lifelike but mechanical companion for children. AFs are solar-powered robots that help assist with various tasks and provide companionship for children
  • Klara’s Journey: Throughout the story, Klara learns about the world around her and discovers truths about people, the difficult decisions they must make, and the complexities of love
  • The Sun: The Sun plays a significant role in the novel, as Klara believes that it has the power to heal and nourish humans. She promises the Sun that she will do something to help Josie and Rick, the young girl and her sick father, in return for the Sun’s help
  • Philosophical Themes: The novel explores themes such as what it means to be human, the role of science in our lives, and the consequences of choosing to have one’s own children genetically modified

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