[PDF] Art Heist Baby by otrtbs in English

The fanfiction “Art Heist Baby” involves Nick and Charlie’s heist plans going awry when they involve a pregnant woman who goes into labor, leading Nick to deliver the baby while being pursued, bonding with the woman, and gaining new perspectives despite their failed heist.

Art Heist Baby PDF in English

Art Heist Baby PDF
Art Heist Baby PDF
PDF TitleArt Heist Baby
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About PDF

  • Nick and Charlie devise a plan to steal a rare historic artifact from a museum in order to win an illegal heist contest.
  • During the heist, they unknowingly involve an innocent pregnant woman who goes into sudden labor.
  • Nick ends up needing to help deliver the woman’s baby while museum security forces pursue them.
  • Unexpected feelings and connections develop between Nick and the woman as they bond over the chaotic experience.
  • Their original heist plans ultimately go awry but new relationships and perspectives form amidst the drama.

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