[PDF] Experience the Intense Journey in “No One Rides for Free” by Judith Sonnet

Depicting a disturbing journey where Jodi and her children are subjected to graphic scenes of sexual violence, torture, and gore. The story begins with an uninvited and unhinged man forcing them into a harrowing ride, leading to a series of heinous crimes and assaults.

PDF TitleNo One Rides for Free
AuthorJudith Sonnet
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  • Forced Ride: “No One Rides for Free” is a disturbing novella where a woman, Jodi, and her children are forced into a harrowing journey by an unnamed man who carries weapons and disturbing items.
  • Desert Escalation: What begins as a forced ride into the desert turns into a series of heinous crimes and assaults, leading Jodi and her children to face unimaginable horrors
  • Graphic Content: The novella contains graphic scenes of sexual violence, torture, and gore, making it an intense and deeply disturbing read.
  • Inciting Incident: The story’s inciting incident is gripping, as it involves a woman driving her children to college and encountering a man who drastically alters the course of their journey.
  • Emotional Impact: Readers have described feeling deeply disturbed, dirty, and disgusted by the content of the novella, highlighting its ability to evoke strong emotions and a sense of unease.

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