Dangerous Love: Wreck & Ruin – A Thrilling Motorcycle Club Romance by Emma Slate, PDF

A person’s dull life changes when they meet Colt Weston, President of the Tarnished Angels Motorcycle Club. Colt makes them feel alive and wanted, and the club becomes their family. Loyalty, sacrifice, and protection are tested when a rival threatens the club, and Colt is determined to keep them safe.

PDF TitleWreck & Ruin
AuthorEmma Slate
File Size1.15 MB

About PDF

  • A person who feels bored and stuck meets a mysterious and attractive man named Colt Weston at the bar where they work.
  • They quickly develop a close relationship, and Colt, who is the President of the Tarnished Angels Motorcycle Club, makes them feel alive and valued.
  • The motorcycle club welcomes them as part of their family, and when a dangerous enemy threatens their group, the person learns the true meaning of loyalty, family, sacrifice, and revenge.
  • Colt is willing to do anything to keep them safe and protected.
  • The story revolves around the themes of love, danger, loyalty, and protection within the backdrop of a motorcycle club.

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