[PDF] As I Lay Dying PDF by William Faulkner in English

As I Lay Dying is narrated in the stream of consciousness by the Bundren family members on their disaster and obstacle-filled journey to bury their mother, Addie, told through fragmented timelines and perspectives that explore themes of mortality, greed, and ethics.

As I Lay Dying PDF in English

As I Lay Dying PDF
As I Lay Dying PDF
PDF TitleAs I Lay Dying
AuthorWilliam Faulkner
File Size620 KB

About PDF

  • It is told in a stream of consciousness by different characters of the Bundren family as they journey to bury their mother Addie.
  • The perspectives shift between Addie’s husband and children – Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman, who each react differently to Addie’s death.
  • They encounter hardships like flooding rivers, injuries, and a barn fire as they transport Addie’s coffin on a wagon to Jefferson, Mississippi.
  • The novel explores themes of mortality, greed, ethics of life, and death through the experiences faced by the family.
  • William Faulkner employs multiple narration styles and nonlinear storytelling with fragmented timelines shifting between past and present.

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