[PDF] Epley Maneuver PDF in English

The Epley maneuver is a sequence of timed head positions – looking up, down, and sideways – designed to reposition inner ear calcium deposits causing vertigo; it should provide immediate relief if performed correctly under doctor guidance and followed by 24-hour upright restriction.

Epley Maneuver PDF in English

Epley Maneuver PDF
Epley Maneuver PDF
PDF TitleEpley Maneuver
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  • It involves a series of head movements designed to reposition calcium deposits in the inner ear canals causing vertigo.
  • The maneuver is performed sequentially while sitting/lying down, turning the head to different angles after waiting for dizziness between steps.
  • Each head position including looking up, looking down, and turning side to side is held for at least 30 seconds before moving to the next position.
  • After completing all positions, remain upright without moving the head for 24 hours allowing calcium crystals to recalibrate.
  • The maneuver can be repeated multiple times for chronic vertigo, but consult a doctor first. It should relieve symptoms immediately if performed correctly.

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