The Abandoned Wife: Roxanne’s Rebirth Novel (PDF Available)

Lucian abandons their wife Roxanne for his crush. Roxanne has genius twin boys overseas and becomes a successful doctor. 6 years later, Lucian is still angry about her trick before she leaves him forever.

PDF TitleThe Abandoned Wife Lucian
PagesChapter 1-204
File SizeOnline

About PDF

  • Lucian abandons his wife Roxanne for another woman after being forced to marry her.
  • Roxanne leaves Lucian and has twin boys, Archie and Benny, overseas.
  • 6 years later, Roxanne is a successful doctor while raising her genius but naughty sons alone.
  • Lucian is still angry about Roxanne tricking him into sleeping with her before she left him.
  • Roxanne focuses on her career and raising her sons, not thinking about Lucian anymore.

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