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Meet MaKenna, a fun and unusual hotel owner, and Avery, a grumpy man without a home. When they bump into each other at the hotel, their lives change in surprising ways! This short story, “Help Needed”, is only 17,000 words long and full of sweetness and romance.

Get ready for a love story with some strange quirks, like a fear of the number three and a love for Skittles candy. It’s all about the magic of unexpected good luck!

PDF TitleHelp Needed
AuthorOlyve Grey
File Size0.5 MB

About PDF

  • MaKenna Thompson, the owner of a hotel, is an unconventional and introverted individual who finds solace in romance books and her hotel guests.
  • Avery Fuller, a homeless and grumpy man, unexpectedly falls asleep in MaKenna’s hotel lobby, leading to a fateful encounter between the two characters.
  • Despite their differences, MaKenna and Avery form a unique and special connection, with Avery realizing that MaKenna is meant to be his, despite his initial reservations.
  • The story is a quick short story sitting at 17,000 words, making it a concise and engaging read for those who enjoy romance and heartwarming tales.

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