[PDF] The Stolen Coast PDF by Dwyer Murphy in English

The novel follows a lawyer in a small town who helps people disappear, whose routine is disrupted when his ex-girlfriend involves him in a plot to intercept and steal millions in diamonds, interrupting his normal work aiding fugitives escape their past lives.

The Stolen Coast PDF in English

The Stolen Coast PDF
The Stolen Coast PDF
PDF TitleThe Stolen Coast PDF
AuthorDwyer Murphy
File Size1.12 MB

About PDF

  • The book is set in a small coastal town and follows a lawyer named Jack who helps people disappear.
  • Jack’s ex-girlfriend Elena, who is involved in criminal schemes, returns to town.
  • Elena involves Jack in a plot to steal millions in diamonds before they are shipped overseas.
  • The heist plot interrupts Jack’s normal routine of helping fugitives escape their past lives.
  • The book combines a fast-paced heist storyline with stylish writing and well-developed characters.

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