[PDF] Adios Cachorra PDF by Lucía Numer Bellomi in Spanish

Three women struggling with modern dating who meet a woman named Lili, who through research learned how to be authentic on dates and not internalize rejection, and helps the women change their perspectives.

Adios Cachorra PDF in Spanish

Adios Cachorra PDF
Adios Cachorra PDF
PDF TitleAdios Cachorra PDF
AuthorLucía Numer Bellomi
File Size514 KB

About PDF

  • Here are 5 key points from the Spanish article summarized:
  • Being single, separating, and using dating apps is okay. What’s not okay is letting bad dating experiences negatively impact you.
  • The story follows 3 women who struggle with modern dating – Ava, Oli, and Isa.
  • They meet Lili, who in the past also struggled with failed relationships.
  • Lili researched psychology and feminism to understand why first dates kept failing.
  • Lili helps the women be more authentic on dates and not internalize rejection.
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