[PDF] Watership Down PDF by Catherine Lester in English

As a Watership Down rabbit, I faced peril leaving home but grew closer to comrades through our quest. Our triumph in building a new warren brought unity but challenges remained. Though fictional, our rabbit culture and the novel’s messages of resilience resonate, making it a beloved classic.

Watership Down PDF in English

Watership Down PDF
Watership Down PDF
PDF TitleWatership Down
AuthorCatherine Lester
File Size1.80 MB
SourceWeb Archive

About PDF

  • It is a novel about a group of rabbits who leave their warren seeking a new home.
  • The rabbits face many threats and obstacles on their journey to find a safe place to live.
  • They exhibit anthropomorphic qualities and have their own culture, folklore, and language.
  • The story explores themes of survival, leadership, friendship, and the environment.
  • It was rejected by several publishers for being too long before eventually getting published in 1972.
  • Watership Down became an award-winning classic of children’s literature.
  • It combines elements of adventure, fantasy, survival, and natural history.
  • The book sold over 5 million copies and continues to be popular today.
  • It is recognized for its imaginative plot and the intricate world created by the author.

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