[PDF] PEEHIP Wellness Form PDF in English

Complete the PEEHIP Wellness Form yearly to get a premium discount. Requires doctor’s signed form, physical/bloodwork, online health actions by August 31st for discount starting October 1st.

PEEHIP Wellness Form PDF in English

PEEHIP Wellness Form PDF
PEEHIP Wellness Form PDF
PDF TitlePEEHIP Wellness Form PDF
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About PDF

  • The form is for PEEHIP members to get a wellness premium discount on their health insurance.
  • You must get a routine physical and blood work yearly to qualify.
  • The doctor needs to fill out the form and sign it.
  • You need to complete online health actions like taking a health quiz.
  • Submit the completed form and health actions by August 31 to get the discount starting October 1.

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