Redken Hair Color Shade Chart: Options, Levels, and Mixing Guide (PDF Available)

The Redken hair color shade chart displays a variety of color levels and undertones with mixing guidelines and examples showing results on different hair types.

PDF TitleREDKEN Shades EQ Color Chart
File Size391 kb

About PDF

  • Color Options: The chart presents a wide range of colors you can use on your hair. It shows different shades like blonde, brown, red, and more.
  • Color Levels: It categorizes colors into different levels, ranging from light to dark. This helps you understand how light or dark a color will appear on your hair.
  • Undertones: Each color has undertones that contribute to its overall look. The chart indicates whether a color has warm tones (like gold or copper) or cool tones (like ash or silver).
  • Mixing Ratios: The chart provides guidelines on how to mix different shades to achieve your desired color. It specifies how much of each shade to use to create custom colors.
  • Results: The chart shows examples of how the colors may look on different hair types. This can give you an idea of what to expect and help you make a decision.

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