Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score in English (Free PDF)

After being shot, police chief Nash suffers panic attacks and nightmares. He feels a connection with his new neighbor Lina but she has secrets and commitment issues. Their fling gets serious despite Lina not wanting to settle down. When her secrets emerge, Nash must decide if he can forgive her.

PDF TitleThings We Hide From the Light
AuthorLucy Score
File Size1.76 MB

About PDF

  • Nash is the police chief recovering from being shot – he now suffers from panic attacks and nightmares. He doesn’t want anyone to know he is struggling.
  • Nash meets his sexy, smart new neighbor Lina. There is an instant physical connection between them that is grounding for Nash. But Lina has a rule about not initiating physical contact.
  • Lina has secrets about why she came to town and doesn’t have relationships. Nash wants more than just a fling with her.
  • They start a hot, short-term fling but Nash decides he wants to make Lina his despite her resistance to settling down.
  • Eventually, Lina’s secrets come out and Nash has to decide if he can forgive her for hiding the real reason she came to town.

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