[PDF] The Psychology of Money PDF by Morgan Housel in English

Money is about controlling your behavior instead of math. Your personal experiences matter more than advice you get. Getting rich has more to do with luck and timing than being skilled. Spending to gain free time can make you happier than buying more stuff. Staying positive and taking risks helps build wealth over your lifetime.

The Psychology of Money PDF in English

The Psychology of Money PDF
The Psychology of Money PDF
PDF TitleThe Psychology of Money
AuthorMorgan Housel
File Size1.5 MB

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  • Money is more about mastering your behavior than it is about mastering numbers.
  • Your personal experiences with money matter more than what you read or hear.
  • Luck and timing play a big role in wealth. Being rich is more about good fortune than being skilled.
  • Spending money to gain more free time and reduce stress can make you happier than spending to get more stuff.
  • Having an optimistic attitude and taking risks is important for building wealth over a lifetime.

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