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George Orwell’s Animal Farm: The Pigs Betray the Revolution (PDF)

The animals rebel against the farmer and take over the farm, led by the pigs. But the pigs become corrupted, act like humans, and betray the revolution’s ideals, leaving the other animals worse off.

PDF TitleAnimal Farm
AuthorGeorge Orwell
File Size500 KB

About PDF

  • Old Major, a prize pig, tells the animals they should rebel against the human farmer and run the farm themselves.
  • The animals rebel and take over the farm, renaming it “Animal Farm”. At first, things are good.
  • Napoleon (a pig) starts taking control and becomes the leader of the farm. He slowly becomes more and more like a human.
  • Over time, the pigs act more and more like humans and come up with new rules to justify their behavior as the animals suffer.
  • By the end, the pigs are hard to tell apart from humans and change the name back to “Manor Farm”, betraying the other animals completely.

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