[PDF] Death and Dying in World Religions PDF by Lucy Bregman (3 Volume Set)

The book examines perspectives on medicalized death and compares how different faiths view end-of-life issues. It covers controversial topics like child death and surveys bereavement rituals across religions. There are contributions from 31 authors representing diverse traditions and viewpoints.

Death and Dying in World Religions PDF in English

Death and Dying in World Religions PDF
Death and Dying in World Religions PDF
PDF TitleDeath and Dying in World Religions
AuthorLucy Bregman
File Size2.56 MB

About PDF

  • The book examines how different religions view modern medicine’s approach to end-of-life issues. It looks at perspectives on medicalized death.
  • It compares and contrasts how various faiths and ethical schools think about death, dying, and bereavement.
  • The book covers complex and controversial issues related to death, like the death of children, AIDS, capital punishment, and war.
  • It surveys the different funeral and bereavement rituals that have developed under various religious traditions.
  • It includes contributions from 31 distinguished authors representing diverse religious backgrounds and ethical viewpoints. The chapters have bibliographic references for further reading.

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