[PDF] The Karl Lagerfeld Diet PDF by Karl Lagerfeld in English

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet involves calorie counting, meal replacement shakes, high-protein intake, low carb, no sugar and alcohol, supplemented with regular exercise.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet PDF in English

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet PDF
The Karl Lagerfeld Diet PDF
PDF TitleThe Karl Lagerfeld Diet PDF
AuthorKarl Lagerfeld
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The Karl Lagerfeld Diet” is a diet plan that was famously followed by the iconic fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Here are some of the main points of the diet:

  • Count calories: The diet involves counting how many calories you eat. You should only eat between 800-1000 calories per day.
  • Drink shakes: You replace meals with special shakes that have fewer calories but keep you full.
  • Eat more protein: Foods that have lots of protein (like fish, chicken, and soy) are encouraged on this diet. Protein helps build muscles and keeps you feeling full.
  • Limit carbs: You should only eat carbs from vegetables and legumes, and avoid sugary snacks entirely.
  • Avoid sugar and alcohol: The diet does not allow you to eat sugary food or drink alcohol. Such things are high in calories and can ruin your diet plan.
  • Exercise regularly: Lagerfeld was known to take long walks and do yoga as low-intensity workouts to help him stay fit.

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