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Crave by Tracy Wolff is a young adult paranormal romance novel set in Katmere Academy, Alaska, where the main character, Grace, encounters secret supernatural beings and navigates family secrets.

The story revolves around her relationship with Jaxon, a vampire, and has been praised for its self-aware, playful narrative.

PDF TitleCrave
AuthorTracy Wolff
File Size2 MB

About PDF

  • Setting: The story takes place at Katmere Academy in Alaska, where Grace, a human, finds herself among supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves.
  • Characters: The main character, Grace, is a teenager who recently lost her parents and is trying to navigate her new life at the academy. She becomes involved with Jaxon Vega, a vampire with a mysterious past.
  • Plot: The plot revolves around Grace’s struggle to fit in at the academy, her growing romantic relationship with Jaxon, and the dangers that come with being surrounded by supernatural creatures.
  • Genre: “Crave” is a young adult fantasy/paranormal romance novel that has been compared to “Twilight” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  • Reception: The book has received mixed reviews, with some readers enjoying it as a guilty pleasure read, while others have found the romantic dynamics reminiscent of other popular vampire-themed stories.

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