[PDF] The Chalice of the Gods PDF by Rick Riordan in English

When the Greek god Ganymede’s magical Chalice which can turn mortals into gods goes missing, Percy Jackson and friends race to find it before evil forces use its power for chaos.

The Chalice of the Gods PDF in English

As I Lay Dying PDF
As I Lay Dying PDF
PDF TitleThe Chalice of the Gods
AuthorRick Riordan
File Size10 MB

About PDF

  • This is the latest, highly-anticipated book in Rick Riordan’s internationally bestselling Percy Jackson series. Riordan is known for his engaging mythical stories.
  • The Greek god Ganymede’s super powerful magical Chalice has gone missing. The Chalice has the ability to turn any mortal who drinks from it into an all-powerful god.
  • Percy Jackson is tasked with an urgent new quest to find and retrieve the lost Chalice before it ends up in evil hands. If misused, the Chalice could wreak havoc.
  • Percy must team up once again with his trusted friends Annabeth and Grover to track down the missing artifact and keep it safe.
  • They face various challenges and sinister foes as they race against time to get the powerful Chalice back from the grasp of the conniving old gods who want it for themselves.

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