Uncover the Hidden Truth: ‘Know the Only Truth’ by Sebastián Santisteban

Know the Only Truth by Sebastián Santisteban is a thought-provoking book that aims to awaken readers to a hidden reality, offering insights into suspicious historical events and the potential liberation that truth can bring. The book has received positive reviews on Goodreads.

PDF TitleKnow the Only Truth
AuthorSebastian Santisteban
File Size17 MB

About PDF

  • Awakening to the truth: The author created this material for those willing to awaken their fictitious reality and discover what they have hidden from us for years.
  • Intriguing insights: The book presents reflections on suspicious events and not well-explained in history, suggesting that there might be more to the stories we know.
  • Societal Secrets: The book explores the possibility that societies live within a bubble, hiding the truth from most people while a few powerful individuals keep it.
  • Liberation through truth: The author believes that the truth will set us free, as it helps us understand the world around us and the reasons behind our actions
  • Positive reception: The book has received positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.24 on Goodreads

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