[PDF] Nespresso Vertuo Descaling Instructions PDF in English

The 15-20 minute descaling process involves filling the tank with a solution to the indicated level, placing a container under the outlet, and pressing the descaling and espresso buttons together for 3 seconds to activate before letting the machine dispense the solution in short bursts.

Nespresso Vertuo Descaling Instructions PDF in English

Nespresso Vertuo Descaling Instructions PDF
Nespresso Vertuo Descaling Instructions PDF
PDF TitleNespresso Vertuo Descaling Instructions
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  • The descaling process takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. Ensure you have this time available before beginning.
  • Fill the water tank with the Nespresso descaling solution up to the level indicated inside the tank.
  • Place a large container under the coffee outlet to collect the descaling solution.
  • Press and hold the descaling button and espresso button together for at least 3 seconds to activate the descaling process.
  • The machine will begin dispensing the descaling solution in short bursts from the coffee outlet. Let the entire solution get dispensed.

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