[PDF] Reckless PDF by Elsie Silver in English

After a devastating accident, professional mountain biker Poppy struggles with PTSD until her physical therapist Beck helps rebuild her confidence using unorthodox methods, leading to an emotional and physical connection as Poppy courageously gets back on her bike.

Reckless PDF in English

Reckless PDF
Reckless PDF
PDF TitleReckless
AuthorElsie Silver
File Size1.45 MB

About PDF

  • Poppy is a professional mountain biker who suffers a terrible accident that leaves her with PTSD and afraid to ride again.
  • Beck is Poppy’s physical therapist who helps her recover physically and emotionally using unorthodox methods.
  • Poppy feels an instant attraction to Beck but tries to resist acting on it as she rebuilds her career.
  • Beck sees Poppy’s potential but his past makes him wary of relationships, leading to tension between them.
  • As Poppy slowly gets back on her bike, she and Beck grow closer despite their apprehensions, leading to romance.

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