[PDF] Michigan Fake Elector Indictment PDF in English

People in Michigan faked being electors, pretending to vote for the president. The law caught them, and now they might face consequences in court.

Michigan Fake Elector Indictment PDF in English

Michigan Fake Elector Indictment PDF
Michigan Fake Elector Indictment PDF
PDF TitleMichigan Fake Elector Indictment
File Size73 KB

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  • Some people in Michigan pretended to be electors, but they were not real ones.
  • They tried to make it seem like they could vote for the president, but they were tricking others.
  • Tricksters can get in trouble for lying and doing fake things like this.
  • The law found out what they did and accused them of being bad.
  • Now, they may have to go to court and face the consequences of their actions.

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