[PDF] Free 28 Day Calisthenics Challenge PDF in English

The 28-day calisthenics challenge features daily bodyweight workouts that gradually increase in difficulty using circuits and supersets to build full body strength and muscles with proper form explained in videos and a calendar to track your progress.

PDF TitleFree 28 Day Calisthenics Challenge
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About PDF

  • This calisthenics challenge has daily workouts that use no equipment – just your body weight. It helps build strength and muscle.
  • Each day has different calisthenics exercises planned in circuits or supersets to work your whole body. Proper form is explained.
  • The plan gradually increases difficulty over 28 days. Rest days allow your body to recover between training days.
  • Videos demonstrate how to do the exercises with good technique. A calendar helps you track progress.
  • By committing to the monthly challenge, you can improve fitness, endurance, and physique using beginner-friendly calisthenics movements.

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