[PDF] Plantar Fasciitis Exercises PDF in English

Plantar fasciitis exercises focus on stretching and strengthening the foot to manage heel pain and inflammation. Key stretches include calf and plantar fascia stretches. Toe curls and picking up marbles strengthen the feet. Low-impact activities like walking and swimming help build tolerance. Doing exercises consistently, especially in the morning, along with other treatments aids recovery over time.

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises PDF in English

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises PDF
Plantar Fasciitis Exercises PDF
PDF TitlePlantar Fasciitis Exercises
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  • Plantar fasciitis causes heel pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue.
  • Stretching the plantar fascia helps improve flexibility and reduce pain. Key stretches include the calf stretch and standing plantar fascia stretch.
  • Strengthening the foot muscles provides support and stability. Exercises like toe curls and picking up marbles with toes are helpful.
  • Low-impact activities like walking, swimming, and biking are recommended to slowly increase activity without further irritation.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication, ice packs, orthotics, splints, and physical therapy may also provide relief combined with exercises.
  • Exercises should be done daily, especially first thing in the morning before standing or walking.
  • Slowly building up a tolerance for the exercises without overdoing it is important to see improvement over time.
  • Consistency with the stretching and strengthening regimen helps manage the discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

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