[PDF] Rock Island Metro Schedule PDF – Train Trip Planner

The Metra Rock Island line schedule displays weekday and weekend/holiday arrival and departure times for inbound and outbound train trips starting from downtown Chicago and suburban stations, with notes on service advisories and non-stop stations.

PDF TitleMetra Rock Island Schedule
File Size100 kb

About PDF

  • The schedule shows arrival and departure times for Rock Island line trains on weekdays and weekends/holidays.
  • It has schedules for inbound and outbound train trips starting from both downtown Chicago and suburban stations.
  • Trains run about every 1-2 hours in each direction, with specific times given for each station stop.
  • The notes indicate service advisories, stations where trains do not stop, and schedule adjustments.
  • Riders can plan their trip by finding their boarding station and desired destination on the schedule to see travel times.

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