[PDF] Hybrid Athlete Training Program PDF by Alex Viada in English

The hybrid program combines strength lifts, conditioning workouts, and metabolic sessions in structured 4-6 week training cycles to build muscle, increase endurance and stamina, boost fat burning, and improve total body fitness.

PDF TitleHybrid Athlete Training Program
AuthorAlex Viada
File Size5.39 Mb

About PDF

  • The hybrid program combines strength training and metabolic conditioning for total body fitness.
  • It includes strength-building lifts like squats, presses, and deadlifts along with conditioning workouts.
  • The workouts alternate between upper body, lower body, and full body days with metabolic sessions.
  • The plan provides exercise descriptions, rep/set schemes, and details for progressing load and intensity.
  • Following the structured 4-6 week training cycles can build muscle, boost endurance and stamina, and burn fat.

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