[PDF] For the Record Duale PDF by Hon Aden Duale in English

Culpa Mia Libro is a book by Hon. Aden Duale that shares his political journey. The book reveals the intricacies of Kenyan politics and the importance of determination and faith in achieving success.

For the Record Duale PDF in English

For the Record Duale PDF
For the Record Duale PDF
PDF TitleFor the Record Duale PDF
AuthorHon Aden Duale
File SizeUnknown


About PDF

  • Political tutelage: Hon. Aden Duale shares his experiences and lessons learned from working with notable Kenyan political figures.
  • Inside Kenyan politics: The book uncovers the behind-the-scenes intrigues and influences on national priorities during the tumultuous reign of the Jubilee Administration.
  • Candid recollections: Duale provides candid insights into key events, private conversations, and the thinking of Kenya’s top leadership.
  • Introspection and reflection: The author offers introspection on the prevalent themes of betrayal, treachery, hypocrisy, and greed in Kenyan politics.
  • Faith and possibilities: Duale highlights the importance of personal determination, hard work, and faith in achieving success in politics and in life.

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