A Novel of Horror and Madness by Matthew Stokoe (PDF)

In the gritty novel “Cows,” author Matthew Stokoe paints a disturbing picture of decay and madness. Set in a dilapidated apartment, the story revolves around Steven, a slaughterhouse worker, and his twisted family. As Steven dreams of a better life with Lucy, he faces poisonings, abuse, and a shocking revelation involving cows. This blood-soaked nightmare defies conventions and lingers in your mind.

PDF TitleCows
AuthorMatthew Stokoe
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  • Setting: The story takes place in a decaying apartment where a mother, her son, and a paralyzed dog reside. The mother, known as The Hagbeast, has some rather unconventional dinner plans for her child.
  • Characters: Meet Steven, the son, who dreams of a safe and happy life, akin to the perfect families he sees on TV. His only companion is Dog, the loyal canine his mother crippled with a brick. Upstairs lives Lucy, who battles toxins accumulating in her body.
  • Plot: Steven’s life takes a dark turn when he lands a job at a slaughterhouse. There, he encounters an insane foreman named Cripps, who preaches self-empowerment through killing.
  • Desire for Change: Steven envisions a better life with Lucy. They could be like the folks on TV, have a home, and even a baby. But to achieve this, he must survive his nightly poisonings and confront his abusive mother.
  • Unexpected Twist: Beneath the city, there are cows—and when they come for Steven, his sights are set much higher. The novel is a visceral, blood-soaked nightmare that defies convention and will linger in your mind long after you finish reading.

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