[PDF] The Facade by Judy Corry PDF in English

The Facade is an exciting story about Eden, a girl who attends Eden Falls Academy, where she discovers a secret romance with her brother’s best friend, leading to adventures and heartwarming moments of love and friendship.

The Facade Judy Corry PDF in English

The Facade Judy Corry PDF
The Facade Judy Corry PDF
PDF TitleThe Facade Judy Corry
AuthorJudy Corry
File Size1.30 MB

About PDF

  • The Facade is an exciting story about a girl named Eden who has a special relationship with her brother’s best friend.
  • Eden goes to a school called Eden Falls Academy and discovers that her feelings for her brother’s friend are more than just friendship.
  • The book is all about their secret romance and the adventures they have together.
  • Judy Corry tells the story in a way that makes us feel happy and excited about their love.
  • The Facade is a wonderful book for people who like stories about love and friendship, and it will make you smile and feel good inside.

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