[PDF] What if I Moved on Book PDF by Miss Lea Coquille-Chambel

The “What If I Moved On?” journal helps you heal and express yourself after a breakup.

What if I Moved on Book PDF in English

What if I Moved on Book PDF
What if I Moved on Book PDF
PDF TitleWhat if I Moved on Book PDF
AuthorMiss Lea Coquille-Chambel
File Sizeon Amazon


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  • Expressing Emotions: “What If I Moved On?” journal encourages you to write about your feelings and experiences after a breakup, providing a judgment-free outlet.
  • Healing Process: The journal helps you navigate healing by promoting self-reflection, allowing you to gain clarity and release negative emotions.
  • Reclaiming Happiness: Through writing and reflection, you can work towards finding joy and lightness again, moving past the pain towards a brighter future.
  • Acceptance and Healing: Acknowledging and processing your emotions is vital for healing, and the journal emphasizes the importance of accepting the pain to find inner peace.
  • Confidentiality: “What If I Moved On?” journal offers a safe space to confide without fear of judgment, allowing you to freely express yourself and explore your feelings.

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