Uncover the Mystery: ‘When The Night Falls’

Jasmine, a 24-year-old woman, finds herself in a challenging situation with no job, an almost empty bank account, and a family that has disowned her. Her life takes a turn when she accepts a million-dollar job offer from a mysterious woman. She starts working for Theodore Jefferson, a powerful and wealthy man with secret business interests. As she navigates this new world, she unravels the enigma that is Theodore.

PDF TitleWhen the Night Falls
PagesChapter 1 to 45
File SizeOnline

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  • The protagonist of the story is a 24-year-old woman named Jasmine.
  • Jasmine is in a difficult situation. She has no job, her bank account is almost empty, and her family has disowned her because she refused to marry the man they chose for her.
  • Jasmine gets a job offer from a mysterious woman. The job pays a million dollars, so Jasmine accepts it.
  • Jasmine starts working for a man named Theodore Jefferson, who is very powerful and wealthy.
  • Theodore Jefferson is a mystery. He’s made billions of dollars, but his business interests are secret. His physique is admired worldwide, and he’s known as an enigma.

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