[PDF] Plan Your Days Off with Ease: The USPS Color Coded Calendar 2024

The USPS Color Coded Calendar for 2024 simplifies day off planning for letter carriers with its easy-to-understand color system. Each color represents a specific day off, aiding in scheduling and providing a clear overview of the year. For instance, in January 2024, green, brown, and red denote days off.

PDF TitleUSPS Color Coded Calendar 2024
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About PDF

  • The USPS Color Coded Calendar for 2024 shows different colors for different days.
  • The colors represent the days off for letter carriers, making it easier to know when they have time off.
  • For example, in January 2024, green, brown, and red are the colored days off.
  • This calendar is used by letter carriers to plan their work schedules and days off.
  • The Color Coded Calendar helps letter carriers and others understand the rotating day off schedules.

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