[PDF] United Healthcare OTC Catalog 2023 PDF in English

Lists eligible OTC medicines and health products, with details on approved brands, sizes, and flavors. Provides guidelines for submitting reimbursement claims within plan limitations and instructions for receiving payment.

United Healthcare OTC Catalog 2023 PDF in English

United Healthcare OTC Catalog 2023 PDF
United Healthcare OTC Catalog 2023 PDF
PDF TitleUnited Healthcare OTC Catalog 2023
File Size1.10 MB

About PDF

  • An extensive list of eligible over-the-counter medicines and health products like pain relief, cough/cold, bandages, and vitamins that members can receive reimbursement for.
  • Specifications on approved brands, sizes, and flavors of common OTCs that are covered under the terms of the benefit plan.
  • It has detailed instructions and guidelines for submitting claims and documentation to receive reimbursement for OTC purchases made by members.
  • Outlines limitations on quantities, frequency, and total dollar amounts that can be claimed to ensure appropriate utilization of the OTC benefit.
  • Provides contact information for questions about eligibility, claim submissions, covered products, and reimbursement amounts.

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