[PDF] Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF in English

Introduce yourself in a friendly way, ask questions to understand what investments the customer wants, explain why your company can help them invest wisely, recommend specific investments confidently, and address any concerns respectfully. The goal is to build rapport, gain trust, and guide the customer to purchase the investments you suggest are best for them.

Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF in English

Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF
Stratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF
PDF TitleStratton Oakmont Sales Script PDF
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SourceStratton Oakmont

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  • Say hello and be friendly. Introduce yourself and ask questions to get to know the customer.
  • Ask what they want to invest in. Find out what stocks or investments they are interested in.
  • Explain why your company is great. Tell them how your company can help them invest and make money.
  • Recommend investments you think are best. Suggest specific stocks or investments you think they should buy.
  • Answer any questions or concerns. If they worry or don’t understand something, explain it simply and reassure them.

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