COVID-19 Travel Requirements: Latest Updates for U.S. Entry (PDF Available)

Stay updated on the most recent COVID-19 travel requirements for entering the United States. Learn about the latest vaccination and testing regulations changes to prepare for your travel and ensure hassle-free entry.

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  • Vaccine Requirement Ended: As of May 12, 2023, nonimmigrant travelers to the United States are no longer required to be fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine before entering the country.
  • No Vaccination Proof Needed: Starting May 12, 2023, noncitizen nonimmigrant air passengers traveling to the United States are not required to show proof of being fully vaccinated with an accepted COVID-19 vaccine.
  • No Testing Requirement: As of May 12, 2023, noncitizen nonimmigrant visitors to the U.S. arriving by air or land no longer need proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Contact Tracing Information: All travelers entering or connecting through the U.S. must provide contact tracing information, but COVID-19 testing and vaccination are not required.
  • Health Monitoring: Travelers are advised to monitor their health, follow local recommendations, and check for COVID-19 symptoms after travel.

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