[PDF] SPIN Selling PDF by Neil Rackham in Portuguese

Focuses on asking questions to uncover customer needs, not making presentations. Ask about the current situation, problems, implications, and need payoff to understand the value of your solution. Get customers to explain their challenges.

SPIN Selling PDF in Portuguese

SPIN Selling PDF
SPIN Selling PDF
PDF TitleSPIN Selling
AuthorNeil Rackham
File Size1.2 MB

About PDF

  • The SPIN model focuses on asking questions, not making presentations. Ask questions to uncover customer needs.
  • “Situation” questions ask about the customer’s current setup, problems, and desired outcomes. Learn about their situation.
  • “Problem” questions dig into the customer’s challenges, pain points, and consequences of the status quo.
  • “Implication” questions allow customers to explain the effects and costs of their problems if not solved.
  • “Need-payoff” questions get the customer to share the value and benefits of solving their problems with your solution.

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