Oscar Mayer Hiring Drivers for Iconic Wienermobile For $35,600 (PDF Available)

Oscar Mayer is hiring 12 drivers, called “Hotdoggers,” to drive the iconic Wienermobile. The one-year assignment will pay a base salary of $35,600, with an additional weekly allowance of $150 for meals and personal travel.

Hotdoggers will receive health benefits, 18 days of paid time off, and have all of their hotel expenses covered. Applications are open until the end of January.

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  • Oscar Mayer is hiring 12 drivers to drive the iconic Wienermobile.
  • The drivers will be called “Hotdoggers” and will represent Oscar Mayer on a daily basis.
  • The job will require Hotdoggers to work on major holidays and spend a majority of their year away from home.
  • The one-year assignment will pay a base salary of $35,600, with an additional weekly allowance of $150 for meals and personal travel.
  • Hotdoggers will receive health benefits, 18 days of paid time off, and have all of their hotel expenses covered. Oscar Mayer will accept applications through the end of January, and bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply.

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